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Name Course Instructor Date Abortion Argumentative Essay. Abortion’s controversy is unique in the US because there appears to be no grounds for give-and-take between two opposite sides. The debate mainly revolves around whether a human being is being murdered or not. In the early 70s, abortion became constitutionalized in the US via the Wade vs. Roe court case (Lewis 1). Roe was a pregnant and single woman who was going against the state of Texas, whose law stipulated that it was illegal for her to get an abortion. The judge ruled in favor of Roe, and the result of this landmark case was the legalization of abortion (Lewis 1). Even though there have been several million abortions ever since this ruling, the deliberation on its legalization is actively debated by a lot of Americans as well as other folks from different cultures and countries. These beliefs by these individuals are mainly divided into two: pro-choice believers, who support abortion; and pro-life believers who are against abortion. While pro-life people believe that abortion entails murdering an innocent being, abortion should continue to remain legal because it gives women the opportunity to take back control over their lives, prevents the birth of a child with severe medical issues and prevents long-term negative effects on mother and child because of trauma caused by sexual assault. The different definitions of abortions are perhaps the main points that bring the controversial debate on the issue of abortion. The medical definition describes abortion as the pre term untimely withdrawal of conception from the uterus. It is the loss of pregnancy. On the other hand, religion also plays a

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