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Social Policy Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Social Policy Social policy addresses emerging problems in the society and helps effectuate development approaches. This policy instrument has developed from previous stratagems that failed in capacity to ensure every citizen had appropriate standards of living. For instance, Yi (2015) opines that the social security concepts and system developed out of the devastating effects of the great economic depression witnessed in the 1930s. The adverse impact witnessed during this period revealed the inadequacy of existing government measures of offering public assistance and national insurance. Additionally, Yi (2015) notes that during the great depression, the need for identifying the causes of socio-economic problems was also instrumental in the development of social policy measures. Herein, the paper discusses the economic trends that define social policy, while paying particular attention to the United Kingdom (UK). Essentially, each trend will be analyzed to identify how it impacts the UK’s social policy. Economic Trends shaping the UK’s Social Policy Transport Growth: Focus on Electric Cars Globally, the transportation sector has undergone major growth in the past decades. In the UK, for instance, there have been tremendous developments in the railway sector in the past 20 years CITATION Hay16 l 2057 (Haynes, 2016). As an international hub, the global growth in aviation has also benefited the UK. While there are productive developments in transportation, it is essential that governments come up with regulations that facilitate the establishment of greener technologies in this sector. Pollution from

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