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What Is The Role Of Community Psychology In Prevention Of HIV In India? Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date HIV is both a social and economic issue affecting the citizens of India and its migrant populations. There have been strategies derived to counter the spread of HIV and combat the vulnerability of individuals. There is need to strengthen the community-led HIV responses towards the proliferation of the disease. The approach will increase the extent in which the community participates in the program. Also, it aims at creating awareness and need for healthy future coupled by stipulated action plans for this issue. Moreover, the community will understand best the available capacities and mechanisms in response to HIV prevention. As HIV is a social problem, every citizen should learn how to handle and treat the victims of this disease. There is a need to facilitate effective interactions among the society through the change of people’s attitude. Thereby, community psychology in this way reduces the stigmatization and discrimination instances thus equipping individuals with compassionate measures. India lacks efficient and effective mechanisms for preventing the spread of human immunodeficiency virus (Giri & Pandve, 2016). There is a vast improvement in the medical field for the treatment of HIV creating an opportunity for the victims to live a healthy life. Although the advancements in treatment are useful, there exists a significant risk of spread of HIV thus making the aspect of prevention a necessity. The available methods currently in use focus on the new acquisitions cases of HIV. It is worth noting that the already affected individuals

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