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Name: Professor: Course: Date Technology and globalization The world has become a global village with the advent of different technology and more so the internet. It helps bring people together from all over the world as long as they have common interests (McLuhan, Marshall, and Bruce, 2). Together they form an online community. Step 1: Out of all my interest, be it the love for movies, reading mysterious novels, interesting culinary art, adventure and even noble courses such as giving back to the society through frequenting and helping in children’s homes, I have found a community that is eager to share their views, walk the journey with me and even participate in the various activities. Technology surely provides a community you can easily associate. Step 2: i) Let’s, for instance, take the community that shares a love for adventure. ii) It’s quite an active community; although when you first request to be enjoined to the community, and they accept your application you might feel out of place for some time, but with time you become a team player, a part of the community to the extent of suggesting the next place to go on adventures. In most cases, the enjoinment into the community is not a hard task, as you are only required to adhere to the few regulations that the community sets to maintain order and enhance unity in the group. iii) Most of the groups are however casual with the little formal group, but the members are cordial and stick to the topic at hand with few going off-post. iv) This form of setting allows many people to express themselves freely in a setup of like-minded people and even go further as to share their views with other online

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