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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Law Date of Submission Answer the following: (Introductory Questions): Why is voir dire an important part of the trial process? What sort of information about jurors does an attorney want to discover during voir dire? What factors help make a jury fair and impartial? What factors might cause a juror to favor one side over the other side? Voir Dire is a jury selection process is one of the most import phases when selecting a jury who are partisan and is taken as most important part by many legal professionals during a trial procedure. Attorneys will identify jurors who are partisan during Voir Dire. To assist make an impartial ruling, the juror must be unbiased and not related to either side of the parties or attorneys and not formed an opinion on the issue; attorneys can challenge for cause and also peremptory challenges to kick out juror without giving reasons. Factors causing a juror to favor one over another are race, gender, wealth and even similar characteristics. 2. Read: IS THIS JURY FAIR? (below) It is a segment of the voir dire exam conducted at Harold Johnson's trial. Answer the questions that follow the fact pattern. Did Mr. Johnson receive a trial by a fair and impartial jury? No. The reason is that Juror Spencer had an experience of robbery in a couple of weeks before that will affect his opinions and decisions towards the case. Additionally, he admitted that he might be biased towards the case and might not lead to the defendant getting a fair trial when Mr. Pickard asked him. However, Juror Spencer then said he was able to give a fair decision when asked by the judge, which I think the questions the judge

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