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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Article Review In the wake of environmental protection and awareness creation, many businesses have found that integrating conservation measures in business activities helps win the sustainability status. One of the pressing environmental issues has been carbon emission, and numerous companies have made it their responsibility to see that they cut carbon emission, implement sustainable decisions and help reverse or at least recover the lost percentage of the earth and atmosphere (Abboud 2). One way most companies have found effective is the internalization of externalities is through the concepts of internal carbon costs. These prices set a monetary value on greenhouse gas released. Consequently, companies can factor these prices in their investment decisions and operation. The article Companies Are Moving Faster than Many Governments on Carbon Pricing by the Economist looks into the current business environment about carbon emission and reports on how businesses have taken internal carbon prices as the initiative towards cutting emission rates. The article Companies Are Moving Faster than Many Governments on Carbon Pricing demonstrates that internal carbon pricing is an effective strategy for not only reducing carbon emission but also achieving efficiency, innovativeness and social support necessary for business growth and development. Summary of article’s findings According to the article, more than 1,400 business today have implemented the concept of carbon pricing in their operations to help curb global warming (The Economist 1). The number is a total of 607 firms that currently use carbon prices internally

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