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FLEXIBLE WORKING ARRANGEMENTS FOR EMPLOYEES (Author) Course Tutor University Date Flexible Working Arrangements for Employees To ensure a proper working environment, the management of any company ensures that a conducive working environment is created by availing all the necessary working and other essential equipment they deem necessary for the company’s operations. In the recruitment process, there is the orientation process to acquit new employees with all the functions and the necessary rules and regulations in the company including the time they are required to report to work and when to leave the office once the day’s work is concluded among other regulations. Incentives have however over time become much more attractive to employees with a lot of people even considering the incentives (Gap, W., 2003, 1) that come with an offer other than the income. Different companies have hence adopted different incentives in a bid to attract a workforce, and the adoption of a flexible working environment has since received a lot of appreciation in the corporate world. Therefore, this paper aims to assess the effectiveness of the flexible working arrangements to employees and its impact on the organization. Research Questions/Objectives What effect will the adoption of flexibility in the place of work have on the productivity of a furniture company? What is the impact of the flexible working arrangement (FWA) on the employees’ attitude towards their job? Will the new strategy, FWA minimize the rate of absenteeism or increase it? Methodological Approach The growing rate of technology doesn’t allow anyone to be left a few steps behind; this would mean so

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