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Name Professor Course Date Storm Water Runoff and Whether There Is Need for Its Management Stormwater runoff refers to the type of rainfall that always fall over the land's surface. Stormwater occurs when rain strikes driveways, parking sections, roads, rooftops and many other paved areas that do not permit for soaking of water into the ground. Indeed, stormwater is the major cause of impairment of streams in the urban centers. As rain falls on the areas that are paved in these settings, it results in the generation of large quantity of runoffs when compared to areas that are forested. The large quantities of water finally find their ways into water catchment areas such as wetlands, lakes, and rivers. In the end (Mangangka et al 23), they lead to erosion, and flooding and even carrying away of essential habitats that live in streams. Runoffs due to stormwater pick and carry with it various pollutants that exist within the paved regions. Some of these pollutants include sediments, bacteria, grease, phosphorus, pesticides, trash, oil and metals. The sources of these pollutants may include wastes from pets, machinery, sites of construction, unwanted dumping, oil spillages and use of chemicals to control pests. With the continuous decline in surfaces that are paved within watersheds, there is also decline in the health standards drastically. Following the desire of managing the stormwater runoff's impacts, most authorities have come with regulations that set it as a requirement for a system of stormwater management within their plans. Management of stormwater itself defines the application of certain practices, human-made or natural oriented that aim at the

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