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Module Questions Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Module 2 Question 6 Sociologists use different research methods to study the society and social behavior. This paper explores the similarities and the differences between survey and correlational research methods. The best research methods depend on the formulated research questions and hypothesis. The survey research method involves interrogating a large group of peoples to gather information, opinions, attitudes and beliefs about social issues affecting the society. According to Trochim (2001), "Survey research includes the design and implementation of interviews and questionnaires.” This approach deploys a sample population which is believed to represent the whole population. The correlational research method explores the relationship between two variables under research. This method examines the degree of relationship between factors such as attitudes, behaviors or even events. Both the survey and correlational study methods examine common factors such as behavior, attitude, and opinions of an individual or a group of persons. However, the number of respondents has a greater impact on survey research as compared to correlational research that focuses on relating factors. Correlation research deploys various research methods such as case studies, surveys, interviews and observational research to discover the relationships between two variables. Survey research places emphasis on the similarities, differences, and trends by making predictions on information gathered from the population (Trochim 2001). This method is subject to generalization since only a small portion is used to represent the entire

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