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Old Town Site Investigation Student Institution Old Town Site Investigation Geology is fundamentally a field science. It is a discipline which involves a lot of activities that are done in the lab and produced by computer software as geographical maps. Before a thorough analysis is conducted, geographical information is first taken from the field. Important geological data is retrieved from preferred field locations which have been identified by investigating geologists. In geology, field methods may be split into four broad categories: getting samples, marking and analyzing their location; evaluating and recording strata altitude; dimension (width and height) evaluation; and lastly, production of topographic and geologic maps. Conversely, art is a subject that is primarily interested in the culture of humans as opposed to technical or scientific subjects such as geology. Moreover, it is concerned with the application of creative imagination and skills mostly by away of a visual medium such as painting or sculpture. The methodologies used in this discipline are qualitative. Geological Investigation of Old Town Site The purpose of this paper is to utilize critical methods in Geology, Arts and History to propose clear methods of designing a unified theme for the creation of an “old town” historic district in my city. Since the town will be built on the hillside region, proper geological investigation must be conducted in this area; it is also known that hillside region is an area of intense fault activities and therefore, before the construction activities of “old town” commence, both geotechnical investigations and engineering geological investigations must be

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