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Conceptual Physics Name Institutional affiliations Date Conceptual Physics Mod#6 Textbook Answers Chapter 6 Page 99-100 #2-20 even In Chapter 4 we defined acceleration as the time rate of change of velocity. What other equation for acceleration is given in this chapter? A=f/m A(acceleration)=F(force)/m(mass). If two quantities are inversely proportional to each other, does that mean as one increases the other increases also? No, if one increases the other decreases. No, if one increases the other decreases If the mass of a sliding block is tripled at the same time the net force on it is tripled, how does the resulting acceleration compare with the original acceleration? It will not change Suppose you exert a horizontal push on a crate that rests on a level floor, and it doesn’t move. How much friction acts compared with your push? The friction will be pushing on the opposite to where you’re pushing the crate Distinguish between force and pressure. Force is well-defined as the push or pull that cause an object to change its state of direction or motion. Pressure is defined as the ration of force to area of which it has been applied Why is it important that many nails are on the boards of Figure 6.7? This is because the force on the sledge hammer will be spread equally between all the nails The ratio of circumference/diameter for all circles is rr. What is the ratio of force/mass for all freely-falling bodies? For all freely falling bodies, they have the same force/mass ratio and have the same acceleration at the same location Does air resistance on a falling object increase or does it decrease with increasing speed? The resistance

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