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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Net neutrality Date of submission Net neutrality Define net neutrality in more detail, discussing the implications of net neutrality on Consumers, Small businesses, large corporations, Innovation Net neutrality refers to the mandate which all governments should instruct all internet service providers to not give any data on the internet any preference or discriminate any application or website by attaching any device or by a technique of communication. Because of this principle, internet service providers are prevented from providing services which are tailored toward specific device or block any website or charge any money for any content. Consumers The debate which is going on is whether net neutrality should be taken as a utility and regulated or most specifically as a common carrier which provides connection without taking much regard on the content which is being carried or the source of the content. Such a utility might charge for faster connections and higher bandwidth (Hahn et al43). When net neutrality is not protected internet service may decide that individual customers get high-speed connections. Small business Small business could be stifled by the proposed changes on net neutrality; this is because it would have to do with paying for privilege connections. These are some of the few implications; worst service will be provided for the clients by small business, less completion and most of all some of the software by small companies won't function well. a Large corporations Large companies have been threatening net neutrality and changing net neutrality rules will only make the situation worst. The internet

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