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Author: Tutor: Course: Literature Date: December 1, 2016 THE SEA Synopsis The journey begins, and the captain in charge of the small boat rows it to sea. Everything at sea is calm. The vessel is intact, and the captain assures everyone on board that everything is okay. James and Sally are on holiday, and so they have decided to take a fishing expedition to Tahoma. The summer season is already here. They are narrating stories of how they will make every hour of their holiday count. Walter, the fisherman, is also on board, accompanying them. He too seems to enjoy the journey. Walter is one humorous character, and his personality makes the ride more interesting. There is a history of vessels sinking in this parts of the world, but this does not stop the journey. Everything seems cool. Suddenly strong winds and rough storms start blowing, and the small boat appears to lose its direction. The supposedly swift journey is suddenly facing a hick-up. The vessel hits on some object and its dances to the motions of the wind. The ship is in distress, and there is an impending disaster. The captain is struggling to respond to the unexpected turn of events appropriately. The lives of the people on board are in danger, and he has to do everything possible before things get out of hand. The captain struggles to save the passengers on board but unfortunately dies in the process. Characters Fred Knight (The captain on board) Walter Josh (The fisherman on board) James Matt (Sally’s boyfriend) Paul Brown (The Steward on board) Sally Smith (James’ girlfriend) Captain II (The owner of the saving boat) SCENE 1 (The wind is cool, and everything around the sea seems to be

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