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Student’s name Tutor’s name Subject Date Application of the Motivational Theories Question #1 My cousin once promised to buy me a present if I score good grades in school. I was excited about his promise, and I kept reminding him every time we met. My goal was therefore to score the highest possible grades. My motivation was to get the present. The motivation was extrinsically driven. I strived to work hard, change my attitude toward subjects which I thought they were difficult and sought assistance from teachers as well as friends. Following my behavioral change, my performance was exemplary with highest possible grades in all subjects. My cousin kept his promise, and I got the present. Question #2 Pay-for-performance is advantageous in that it is a fair method that benefits both the employer and employee. As the employee put more effort to earn more, the employer also benefits from increased production. The method helps to improve individual productivity and performance. Employees are more like to it encourages employees to focus on the actions they need to take to improve if this is associated with pay. The method is one of the best methods of improving poor performance. By rewarding high performance, an organization can retain talented employees. Employee's contribution is rewarded with something that is tangible. The reward scheme provides a direct incentive to the worker to attain defined goals. Despite its advantages, the reward scheme has some disadvantages. If managers or supervisors set goals that are too hard to achieve, employees may become de-motivated. The approach also compromises teamwork. If not operated fairly, it might subject the

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