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SWOT Analysis of Bally Total Fitness Corporation Name Institution SWOT Analysis of Bally Total Fitness Corporation Overview With the emergence of health and fitness clubs in California in the 1960s and ever-growing demand on the same, presently, health and fitness inevitably became a lucrative business venture in the United States (Hill & Jones, 2010). Health surveys and reports in 2004 indicated that over two-thirds of the adult population in the United States was overweight increasing the demand for health and fitness services. Alongside health and exercising corporation such as the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), one of the first fitness clubs, Bally Total Fitness ventured into the business in 1962 (Hill & Jones, 2010). In 2004, it was the leading health and fitness firm in the history of health club industry in the United States operating more than 360 clubs nationwide with revenues of over $954 million. It has over 3.6 registered members across the globe. This paper assesses the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of Bally Total Fitness. Strength and weakness focus on the internal factors while opportunities and threats empathize on the macro environment. Strengths A long history in the health and fitness club industry sets it apart from other clubs; it operates clubs all over the United States giving them an advantage over other clubs. It already had an excellent and reputable service record. Bally had firmly established itself, by 2004 it had established many clubs in 29 states in the USA hence enjoyed a broad range of geographic distribution and markets (Hill & Jones, 2010). The club had developed exceptionally

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