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Student’s name Professor Institutional affiliation Date Preparing Students for Higher Education The education system comprises of various levels that one has to go through in succeeding the academic life. The transition from one level to another is crucial as it facilitates smooth continuation and reconnection of the curriculum. Higher education is essential in today’s world for all the students as it plays roles in securing jobs, innovation, and entrepreneurship. College degrees are every high school graduate’s dream although most nations lack the mechanisms of preparing these students to the college curriculum. It becomes a challenge for many students to transit smoothly and reconnect the gap in high school and college thus creating ineffective college life among students. The education system has various roles in preparing students for a college education through the provision of various essential tools. First, the students should be thoroughly tested in high school before they graduate as continuous testing translates to good retention of information that would be useful later in higher levels of education. Moreover, the system has to be structured in a way that creates a gap year between high school level and higher educational attainment. The gap would enable the students to gain critical knowledge, understanding and life skills essential in college. As being successful in a college education is important for every student, it follows that the preparation offered at an early stage is also critical and can never be neglected (Cohen and Ward, N.pag). Therefore, Students need to be thoroughly tested and provided with a gap year after completion of

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