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Name Instructor Course Date Freedom is attained only through Communal IdeologyThis paper justifies that notion that freedom is a matter of common perspective and belief rather than a self-judgment. A people standing together can beat any obstacle. We are only free people if we agree and accept that no person controls and determines our fate but rather the actions and steps we make together today. The notion that whether we are free or not depends on an individual rather than the society as a whole is unfounded. The social constructs within which we exist in guides all our actions. Everyone is guaranteed to forge their path towards attaining freedom and equity only if the ethnic and social groups we are living in agree to be cohesive towards achieving it. People will always fight for their groups if they feel and are motivated to see the inequality and discrimination a multitude is subjected to. In his speech “I have a dream” Martin Luther persuades American citizens to combat oppression from every state, village, religious group and race. Luther’s view of freedom is therefore based on what these different groups purport and advocate among their members. He further emphasizes that there is need to stand together in brotherhood aimed to foster a common goal. Whether one comes from enslaved groups, slave owners background or jail mates (Luther, 1). Luther appeals to the different groups in the society to fight for freedom through ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos – “With this faith, we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together..(Luther, 2).” Luther urges the people to continue believing in what is right as they fight the

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