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Peer Review: Comparison/Contrast Essay  Writer:  Reviewer: Introduction The author’s introduction to the subject is catchy, thus captures reader’s attention effectively. Also, the author does introduce the subjects, lies, and secrets, as well as paper’s objective adequately. However, a strong thesis statement comprising the key elements of the essay is lacking. It is, therefore, not clear to understand the author’s stand in the first paragraph. Organization The organization is composed well enough to understand who the author is discussing and what are the arguments. However, there are instances that organization fails. For example, paragraph 3 and four should be interchanged. The reason for this is that paragraph 4 seems like it is introducing Sante’s categorization of secrets the “Sante also . . .” in paragraph 3 makes it look like a continuation of that categorization. The author can discuss every idea in its paragraph adequately before going to the next that follows it to ensure proper transition and logical flow of ideas. Topical Sentences The following are topical sentences I was able to find. Viorst and Sante speak on their different categories of secrets and lies- this reveals that Viorst and Sante have different categories of both lies and secrets differently. Sante goes into detail about six categories of secrets used by industry, entertainment or government- This reveals that Sante’s categorization comprises of six groups and their key users. Viorst and Sante have a widely different view on the roles of lies and secrets in society- This reveals that Viorst and Sante differ on their views about the role of lies and secrets. Like

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