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Looming Recession Name Institution For any business to thrive a coherent analysis of the state of the economy is a key factor. As the CEO of Cemex; the world's leading building industry I must analyze and align our company to strategic economic shifts that would affect our competing power regarding sales and profits earning. A careful analysis of the prevailing economic trends leads to the conclusion that the American market is about to face another recession soon (The Editorial Board, 2017). The economic help organization gives a subtle definition of a recession as a negative economic growth characterized by the rise in unemployment and increased government borrowing for two consecutive quarters. A recession is differentiated from depression by the fact that depression is more severe. Depression is a severe, long-lasting plunge in the economy characterized by increased unemployment rising above 20%, output fall of greater than 10 %. The American GDP has seen a minute growth of around 3% for the last two quarters. The trend is a definite recipe for an economic plunge in the nearest future (The Editorial Board, 2017). Economists have predicted a 20% chance of the recession happening in the next one year. Our company has already started feeling the pinch of economic plunge as evidenced by the reduced annual sales this year. The largest market for our company has been in tackling building contracts within Canada and Mexico. With trump calling for the withdrawal of America from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The number of contracts we handle abroad has drastically reduced. The move has seen Cemex industry losing close to 30% of its market for the

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