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Name Instructor Course Date Business Ethics According to Barry Schwartz, business ethics refers to how a company or organization relates to their customers at all levels of management. Being cordial to customers is one of the most straightforward illustrations of business ethics. Schwartz asserts that for a business to have ethics, its employees must possess an inherent will to embrace actions that are right. Besides, employees should adopt moral skills. Schwartz presents a case of a hospital setting where janitors, technicians, nurses and the doctors must possess virtues such as empathy and kindness to improve the health care delivery. Janitors in the hospital, for instance, do not only perform roles of cleaning at the hospital but interact with patients. He reiterates that for a business to be ethical, we must ask, not just is it profitable but is it right? (Schwartz 1). Schwartz argues that one way to instill business ethics is to celebrate moral exemplars rather than give incentives. Morality is not born but is a learnt virtue. Dame Anita Roddick is a celebrated moral heroine for her standpoint in support of integrating ethics in business operations and management. She is best known as the founder of Body Shop that expanded to a globally competitive entity in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Roddick had the mindset that businesses could be run in a moral and ethical way and still make profit. This she believed was achievable by the use of moral leadership. Roddick initiated programs, globally, aimed at boosting self-esteem, instilling animal rights, and promoting environmental protection. Roddick was articulate in advocating fundamental questions ethical

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