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The lasting power of Dr. Kings Dream speech Student name Institution Course Date   The lasting power of Dr. Kings Dream speech The speech was addressed in the federal legislation on unemployment and racial injustices which were commonly witnessed in the US. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. finally stepped on the podium in front of Lincoln Memorial when he addressed a crowd of 250,000 who were gathered in the National Mall (Michiko, 2013). He began his speech slowly with the magisterial gravity when he talked about the black in America in 1963 who were receiving shameful conditions on race. Unlike many of the public speakers in the US, he did not all about the specific bills before the Congress; he instead situated all his points on the civil rights movement in the broader history of US. When Dr. King was halfway in his speech, Mahalia Jackson interrupted him when he shouted out to him from the speakers stand claiming at the King to tell the people of having a dream of one day America being ruled by a black president. The king pushed the text of his remarks and focused mainly on the dream theme which was one of the most recognizable refrains globally (Michiko, 2013). Many of the crowd that evening had taken buses and train in the entire county just to come and listen to the speech. Many of the people were electrified by the speech which made most of them know their rights. In his speech there was a relevant silence, when he started to talk about his dream, many of them called out “Amen and preach” Dr. King, preach when he offered the words of encouragement to the society. The Dream speech exerted much potent around the world and across many

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