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Interoperability and Data Dictionary Name Institution Interoperability and Data Dictionary II. Interoperability Classification Standards and Terminologies: understanding the most appropriate classification standards as well as the terminologies that are needed to initiate successful interoperability and security will play an important role in guaranteeing an effective data management approach. In this case, the ISO and Health informatics will be necessary for the successful interoperability and security (Stolc, Wild, Valentin, Daubner & Clabian, 2016). Foremost, ISO is regarded as the world’s largest developer of the voluntary standards with many technical committees. In this case, the ISO/TC 215 Health Informatics will help in developing voluntary standards in communication technology and health information. Also, the health informatics standards (HIM) in the management of electronic data. Technologies: The most important technologies must be put input place to achieve a successful Interoperability as well as Security of the data. The three levels of technologies include foundational interoperability (facilitating information system to exchange data with the other information systems), structural interoperability (defining the formats of the exchanged data), as well as semantic interoperability (facilitating the exchange of information between two or more systems). Legal and Ethical Standards and Regulations: both the legal and ethical standards and regulations play important in guaranteeing proper health information (Elkhodr, Shahrestani & Cheung, 2016). The adoption of ethical as well as legal standards will be significantly driven by

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