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Name: Instructor: Course: Date of Submission: Terror in the Heart of Freedom Introduction After the American Civil War, most black slaves gained freedom. After the liberation, they soon discovered a lot of obstacles in their new-found freedom as the predominant whites did not approve of their liberty. The Caucasians used all possible means to block the legal reformations and occasionally used violence to terrorize the African Americans. Hannah Rosen through her book “Terror in the Heart of Freedom” uses that historical setting to highlight the struggles of black men and women in an era of violence and suppression. The author explores the issues of gender and race in the age of American transformation. Specifically, Rosen highlights the issue of sexual violence asserted on the black women caught in the postemancipation South. Thesis of the book In the book, Hannah Rosen seeks to highlight the relationship between sexual violence, gendered rhetoric, and oppression of freed African Americans during the reconstruction era. The author uses the setting to highlight how power dynamics impact on the aspects of race and gender. She shows the racial and gendered violence that characterized the reconstruction period of the United States. The author provides details on the attitudes of many Caucasian people of the time and the political and social situation of the Southern part of the USA that contributed to the problems (Rosen 2). Through the book, Rosen shows how White men created racist rhetoric to continue oppressing the newly freed African Americans. Broader themes of the book How do the tensions between the Federal troops and the African Americans play out

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