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Name Tutor Corse Date Internship Opportunities Sales and Marketing Intern Baroque Access Sales and marketing have been an area of interest to me as I feel it offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional advancement. In light of this, the internship opportunity at Baroque Access in sales and marketing is of my professional and personal interest as it offers me the opportunity to sharpen my skills and to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. I love traveling passionately, and I have traveled in about forty different countries. I believe the internship will help me advance my passion in traveling while at the same time sharpen my experience and understanding of the marketing campaigns and the different strategies that are suitable for different campaigns. Having been a member of the marketing club in the university and fluent in three languages including Russian, English, and Ukrainian, I believe I will be in a position to make a substantial contribution towards marketing the organization and expanding its client base. This is by assisting in promotional activities, performing market research, offering support in the administrative tasks, organizing events, and managing systems for customer relationship (Hoyle, & Goffnett, p. 23). The internship will, therefore, offer me a rare opportunity to undertake duties in the marketing department. It will also help me collaborate with the advertising and marketing team which will improve my scope of understanding about different marketing strategies. I am enthusiastic about marketing, and I believe my past experiences, as well as my creative ideas, will help the organization achieve its objectives

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