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Name Institution Course Date The Internet The internet is a form of new technology that has prevailed in connecting the entire global through the worldwide network connection (Rouse, 1). The invention of the radio, the telegraph, and the telephone paved the way to this unprecedented integrity of capabilities. The internet works as an immediate global broadcasting system that offers a strategic way of disseminating data. Additionally, it provides a path for interaction between various individuals that is facilitated by the computer ignoring the different in geographical distance. The internet can, therefore, be simply defined as a global network of interconnected computers in which users are capable of connecting from one computer and get data from a different computer or computers as long as they have needed permission (Rouse, 1). Consequently, the users can send and receive the message over a wide geographical coverage and to any part of the globe where internet coverage is present. The internet seems to be leading and the most successful benefits of investing and committing to research and development of information infrastructure. Therefore, in reviewing various internet analyses, a summary historical context of the internet will focus on how the American community is being transformed by the internet advancement. The paper will also focus on the reception or reaction towards the internet by the society both positive as well as the negative ones. History of the internet can be looked from four distinctive aspects that are; technological involution aspect which was focused on the invention and development of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network that

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