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Name: Class: Tutor: Date of submission: Change can be defined as the process through which something becomes different from what it was there before. It is altered into a new thing. While change may be beneficial, it also leads to a negative impact, and as such, it becomes a bit challenging to substantiate whether it is good or bad, or whether it is both. It is good in that when it comes to the normal human beings, change can give one an opportunity to forge forward in life and achieve his/her dreams. It allows people to change from the bad characters they were to people who have a positive character in the society. However, to realize the positive effects or facets of change, one must be ready to take up the risk that goes along with such. In three resources i.e. “The Wheels of Freedom: Bicycles in China” by Fred Strebeigh, “The Good News Is: These are Not the Best Years of Your Life” by Gloria Steinem and “The Trouble with Wilderness," by William Cronon, the authors are trying to explain and show the facets and impact of change. In the first piece, i.e., “The Wheels of Freedom: Bicycles in China” by Fred Strebeigh, the author illustrates how women and men attempted to make change by trying to throw their bicycles at the tanks aimed at preventing them from crashing down on their sovereignty, humanity as well as their dignity. Fred says that citizens were attempting to stop tanks by shoving bicycles at them, and flatbeds tricycles turned into ambulances for slaughtered children. It is thus evident that people like change and would go to any level so that they will experience the change that they want. However, this does not just come easily as

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