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Women Involvement in with and in Military Name Institution Women Involvement in with and in Military Throughout the American warfare history, women have been involved in varies roles, which however for many decades were restricted to noncombat exposure rather excluded from direct ground combat. They primarily served as part of the military (Winslow, 2010). In 1988, the Department of Defense (DOD) released a Risk Rule barring women from noncombat jobs with increased risks of exposing them to hostile fire, direct combat or capture. In 1994, the Risk Rule was replaced with the Ground Combat Exclusion Policy noting that all military personnel were eligible for all jobs but confined women to assignments below the brigade level (Anderson & Witham, 2010). The reasons for the exclusion policy anchored on the belief that women are more susceptible and have the weak stamina to withstand the dynamics and stress of direct combat (Stachowitsch, 2013). Thus, women were to be protected from the risks of battlefield such as capture and torture by the enemy. Kamarck (2016) cites the case of Major Rhonda Cornum who was sexually assaulted in her captivity among many other women who peril in war as a factor limiting their integration in direct combat. It was believed battle was a man’s job, women as incubators of life should be barred from such experiences (Winslow, 2010). DOD also thought that women lacked the sufficient stamina and strength to handle the harsh living conditions and experiences of direct combat (Anderson & Witham, 2010). Lack of public support and trust on the involvement of women directly in warfare providing ground for their exclusion. It was also

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