Write up an abstract paper between 7 and 10 sentences on the Neorealism in Iraq war,(a) State how you study or probe it (b) main research problem/ concern (c) explain your finding and accomplishments

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Neorealism In Iraq Name Institutional Affiliation Date Neorealism in Iraq Neorealism or structural realism is foundation philosophy for the international relation as it to describe how powerful states, behave and they relate with others in the global environment. This structural realism occurred in Iraq due to intrusion by the US and UK administrations that eventually led to war and instability at entire Iraq state. This occurred due to a commitment of Bush administration to apply neoconservative ideas that include the use of preservative war to defend their sovereignty of the nations against possible successive attracts. British joined hand with white house administration due to Blair harsh conviction decision that was considered to have some executive dominance. Why did US and UK invade Iraq ?it was evident that the event that occurs on 11th September 2001 brought by non-state ties but these two powerful state linked the terrorist act with the state organs. These developed new threat perception by the London administration which finally led to Iraq war in 2003 because of historical factors. International structure needs to be criticized due to their assumptions regarding motives and identity that are not universal to international systems dispositions. After US 2002 presidential elections, the whole administration was dominated by individuals that were considered neoconservative, from the president, vice president, and both defense secretaries. It's challenging to fully understand the whole scenarios since both super power states participated in convictions against the Iraq government and their leader Saddam Hussein who was linked to al-Qaida king man Osama

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