Write imaginatively on the experience of a male or woman (specify which) seeking emancipation in The context of an African enslaved in the Caribbean

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THE EMANCIPATION Name Course + Code Professor University Affiliation City Date The Emancipation I grew up in four different sugarcane plantation. My mother was a slave, but I was snatched away from her when I was just about four years old. Now being 27 years old, I don’t even recall how she looks like. I never had the honor and privilege of meeting my dad, and my mum never liked talking about her. My first master, Mr. Packer, my first master, was quite a gentleman. He was not as violent and harsh as other masters. For this reason, the rest of the slave owners never held him in high regard. At the age of 12, I was acquired by another slave owner, Mr. Walker. This followed the death of the good old Mr. Packer. Mr. Walker was very mean and brutal, often making us work for very long hours in the sun without food. I worked on his plantation for only two years and was sold to another brutal owner, Mr. Wilfred. It is while at his plantation that my desire to become free grew. I had seen enough of the brutality and oppression that the slaves in the Caribbean were being subjected to. I had started hearing of the brave slaves who were standing up against the institution that was slavery. I was extremely eager to be part and parcel of this movement. The white masters were hell bent to ensure that slavery persisted. Many of these white masters had become wealthy, thanks to this system. In a bid to ensure that our population remained at controllable levels, they often acted with gross brutality against those deemed to be disobedient. Most of those who fell sick were rarely attended to and were left to die. The white masters were also keen about creating divisions

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