Write an essay that describes how Fascist leaders wanted to recreate the political and social nature of Italy. What characteristics of Fascism did people find appealing?

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date How Fascist leaders wanted to recreate the political and social nature of Italy Fascism in Italy Fascism is a political regime headed by a dictator who has total power and uses force to suppress criticism and opposition. Fascism came into being in the early 20th century after the First World War ended and in 1922 Benito Mussolini started controlling Italy as the first political leader of the Fascist party (Lyttelton 35). After taking over, as the prime minister, Mussolini accomplished his fascists’ goals by enacting laws that altered the constitution of Italy and put an end to parliamentary elections. With that, he secured his position as head since he could not be removed from power. The domestic policies enacted during Mussolini’s reign emphasized production and nationalistic interest with an objective of a restructured, self-sufficient Italy in mind. The economy of Italy was feeble compared to most states in Europe during that time, and it was Mussolini’s aim to improve it by using several government programs. The “Battle for Land” was a policy, Mussolini used with the intention of clearing marshland so that it became appropriate for farming and the construction of roads. The “Battle for Grain” put emphasis on grain cultivation instead of other crops so that trade would improve. “The Battle of the Lira” aimed at restoring the procuring power of the currency of Italy typically through inflation. Mussolini’s efforts produced mixed outcomes, and they unreasonably benefitted the affluent in Italy. Recreating Italy’s political nature Being the manipulative orator that he was, Mussolini

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