write an essay arguing your position on a controversial school-related issue

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Corporal Punishment in High School Corporal punishment remains to be the most social controversial issue in the high school educational sector. Though it has been banned in certain schools in the United States, it remains an issue of debate in the educational sector. Some people are against it, and at the same time, it has some proponents. In the United States, it has been banned in twenty-nine states. However, millions of cases of corporal punishments are still being reported to happen in many high schools of the United States. Corporal Punishment refers to some physical pain inflicted on students' bodies to act as a penalty or punishment for their wrong behaviors within the institution. Corporal punishment is done deliberately or with specific intentions of trying to rehabilitate the unruly behaviors of many students in high school. Corporal punishment in high school is done through various methods. They include punching, hitting, paddling, shaking, body postures that are painful, being given excessive exercises, spanking, shoving, electric shock and many others. Also, various high schools use different instruments to administer corporal punishment. Examples of the instruments are paddles, switches, and leather straps. Students experience many injuries as a result of corporal punishment. Today, almost all industrialized countries prohibit the use of corporal punishment, except in some few countries. Many people also argue that corporal punishment only brings adverse consequences to students, but this is never the case. The continued incorporation of corporal punishment on students is obligated towards achieving an objective of

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