Write about a time in your life when you struggled with a choice and made the right one

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Name Instructor’s name English 101 Date A Time in My Life When I Struggled with A Choice and Made the Right One Life exposes us to many choices that need us to take a particular stand. Despite remaining with a year to graduate, I dropped out of school in my last year of study because of being extremely bullied. Similarly, I was frustrated by my mother’s uncaring traits since she preferred her friends over her children. Henceforth, the freedom of not being monitored by anybody and having all the free time in the world made me conceive and get a baby in 2005. As time went by, I came to comprehend the importance of having edification in one’s life. Therefore, this paper shall depict a time in my life when I struggled to make a choice and made the right one. I made a life resolution when I began concocting for my GED in 2007 and took my test in 2008. When I passed the test, I was motivated to the extent that I decided that I needed more for myself and my son. Consequently, I decided to enroll in Wayne County community College in 2011 for pre-social work. I have been able to make many college friends who have motivated me to see that everything is possible, through patience and working hard. Therefore, I'm proud of myself since I shall be graduating with my associates in pre-social work in June 2017. Similarly, I plan to transfer to Wayne State University for my BA so as to continue with my education. It is the desire in me to be among the top scholars in the world that makes me work smart and search for opportunities in the different fields of study. All that I intend to do is to become a role model for my child so that he can aim higher in the education sector. In

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