write about a main character who undergoes a change or learns something

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Learning a lesson Student name Institution Date ‘Today I am going to eat your chocolate, you little monkey,’ Jonny said to Daisy. ‘No, u did the same thing last weekend, said, Daisy crying. Jonny today give the little children a break, don’t be hard on them please, I said to my brother. ‘We have to eat Francis mangoes today and all of you will be there to help me out,’ said Jonny. Jonny called all the children together and gave them instructions on what to do.’ I am not going to be involved’ I said. ‘Today we want to teach the old man a good lesson’. Francis will know we are not little brats any more, said Jonny. Growing up with my brothers and sister is one memory that is still in my mind. In our family, we were two brothers and our last born was our beautiful sister. The neighborhood was safe and quiet with a very big playing ground where we would meet with other children and play. I thank my mother very much because she always believed that play was paramount to our development. However, my big brother was a bully not only to other children but also us. Other children feared him because getting a beating was the norm of the day. Nearby, there was this old man by the name Francis who would be seen driving a small old car around the estate. In his place, he had a beautiful garden full of mangoes and apples. We would admire them but feared him because he had a stern look. One Sunday afternoon, my brother came up with a plan to steal some mangoes from Francis garden. The plan was well calculated. He forced me together with children against our will. Our task was to go and tell Francis that his small car parked outside

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