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Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Three Critic Reviews of the Film: The Hurt Locker Introduction The Hurt Locker is about the long and agonizing battle in Iraq, the irregular nightmare where the army cannot attack the opponent in any substantial manner. Their mission is a very long collection of duties where they are profoundly strengthened flowing targets, in the seamless threat from the wayside bombs or the Improvised Explosive Devices. The movie features Jeremy Renner as Staff Sergeant William James, the leader of a three-man disposal troop. His subordinate is Sergeant Sanborn, acted by Antony Mackie. Finally, the third star is Specialist Eldridge, acted by Brian Geraghty, who is a young soldier evidently unscrambling. Various reviews have been written by different critics of the movie. The paper considers three critic reviews of the film by analyzing the quality and success of the performance of The Hurt Locker. Keith Uhlich-Author 1 It is entirely possible that Staff Sergeant William James (Renner), the bomb-deactivating specialists at the heart of the great Iraq War action film The Hurt Locker, was entitled by screenwriter Mark Boal after a particular sensible 19th-century philosopher. “On the brightness-to-profoundness range, that falls at a point between christening a desert-island survivalist Locke and naming a breathing satisfied tiger Hobbes” (par 1). However, James is more than his name, not excessively over-the-top as everlastingly involved, grunt-like, with the one thing he accomplishes better than any other person. Renner, whose half-muscled chubbiness beckons to remind Fassbinder circa Fox and His Friends, comes inside

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