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Improving the graphics element of the website. As I have highlighted the graphic element adds the value of a website making it catchy to the users. I have proposed ways in which we can make the Arts & Communication Website gain this aesthetic value. The improvements will range from coloring, spacing and contrast adjustment (Austin, 5). First, using different fonts and element sizes is a focal point during the design. While some texts could be made bigger depending on the priority others could be highlighted to make sure that the users do not fail to take note. The webpage shown has not utilized the graphic design element effectively. While the texting is not adequate and is almost eligible, they have not utilized the spacing principle. Strenuous texts tend to push away users and thereby hindering information flow. Secondly, the choice of colors is a key graphic element. In a website design, a color palette is an important tool as it helps the designers mix both the warm and cool colors to achieve the best contrast. Use of tints and tones while distorting the saturation of each of the colors helps to achieve a remarkable visual display. The choice of colors in this example makes the website illegible losing its visual appeal. Color blending improves the visual appearance. If a warm color has been used for the background, it would be important to use cool color for the texting. The designer has not utilized the spacing effectively. Almost half of the page is empty which is undesirable. Needless to say id the fact that the designer chose to squeeze the texts at the center of the page making it illegible. Other graphic aspects to consider is

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