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Name Instructor Course Date Trainspotting Trainspotting has a very great cast, and they get it just perfect, classy; however, not at the cost of the conversations, personality or film. McGregor maintains his role both pleasant, but again ugly at the same time and supporting the movie with amazing ease. The supporting cast is outstanding, even if they do not portray the good character of Renton, Bremner is hilarious, Carlyle is fierce, and McKidd is disastrous. Even though not all the roles were well developed, they all perform good stories of themselves, if it is funny or demonstrating how heroin has affected their lives. These characters are humorous, sharp, perfectly played and sternly impressive. In the piece of poetry, we see Renton’s dilemma. The first words, “choose life” may be understood from a poster, but the fact is that people do not choose life; their choices do not determine their lives and issues regarding fate that eventually makes them exist. No one decides to be born, and neither do they choose the life they live. The Baby Dawn symbolized this, seen after the first voice-over; the audiences do not realize the impending death at this point, but her minimal chances can be noted at a nurturing that results in a pleasing future. The image in which “the Sick Boy” exists is a gentleman who controls his life with purpose, where choices are unfriendly, calculated, and emotionless. So the audience can determine that ‘the Sick Boy Method’ is concerning enthusiastic oneself time as Renton, but not eagerly quite the drug as he needs to destroy Renton’s fight by demonstrating to him how easy it is. Trainspotting was intended for a whole

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