Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper, discussing the role of art in America since the Gilded Age.

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The Role of Art in America since the Gilded Age Name: Institution: Abstract Art has played an important role in shaping the American society since The Gilded Age. Many transformations in the industry have taken place, but art remains relevant to date. Artists have the opportunity to record history through art and pass these aspects of a community to the next generation. Over the years, art has played an important role in shaping the society and bringing about necessary changes. For instance, during the social justice movement of the twentieth century, art worked closely with the movements to bring about the changes that the American people enjoy today. Such changes include the minimum wage, the roles of women in the society as well as environmental laws among other policies. The development of arts has often been affected by diversity, but in the current generation, diversity is seen as a strength rather than a destructive force in art creation. Art continues to be a relevant transformational force in the society today. However, artists need to find ways to engage the society more in their development of artwork to expand the roles of art in the society. The Role of Art in America since The Gilded Age The Gilded Age saw a great development of many sectors of the American society. The economy of the nation grew tremendously, and the roles of women in the society began to change into what is seen today. Art grew greatly during this age and many artists accumulated great wealth in America during this age (Grams & Farrell, 2008). The increase in economic gain and disposable income allowed people to participate in art and purchase various items considered

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