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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: 5 Questions or Comments about Euripides Medea Euripides Media was constructed in open air, and the artists performed in formal outfits. They wore masks that stressed the key qualities of their corresponding charismas. In Medea’s leading discourse to the chorus, she asserts that females are tormented with the most “wretched” actuality on earth. Therefore, this makes us ask ourselves many questions on her view on feminism. Firstly, how is gender reconnoitered in the performance? Does Medea surface as a winner of women’s predicament through either deleterious or affirmative examples? The questions can be responded through the prejudices emphasized by Euripides on the privation of a civic life or sovereignty in marriage. Men were given the power to divorce women on a caprice, and this made females to lack control over their prospects. The path of revenge trailed by Media portrays a mythological response to the suppositious question: what would transpire if a lady were infatuated of the persuasion and ways to retaliate the misery caused by her surroundings? In the play, Jason abandons Medea and exercises his cultural prerogative as a male to remarry. Hence, this makes him thrash a thorough emasculation in the concert as he is exposed as a weak and shrill character, inconsistency with his repute as a conqueror. Therefore, the play contemplates this retribution correspondent to a snag of the original edict. To what magnitude does Medea apt the frame of an awful protagonist? Medea lacks many qualities of a tragic hero or spectacles them in a cockeyed style. Customarily, tragic protagonists are compassionate characters with

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