write 3 page paper on the contribution of abraham flexner to medical education reform

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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date The Contribution of Abraham Flexner to Medical Education Reform In the early 1900s, Abraham Flexner an educational expert undertook an assignment towards reforming the medical education. In those times, there were significant advancements in medicine sector with crucial discoveries such as bacteria and its classification as an infectious disease. However, Flexner in his report had it that their poor equipment in the medical schools, second-rate institutions and students were inadequately prepared to take various roles in the pharmaceutical sector. His report impacted the medical education sector immensely with the closure of one-third of the medical schools in the country in a decade. Those remained adopted new academic and admissions requirements. Further, it was due to this reason that the state established the modern medical school. The current faculty of medicine was more efficient as it put emphasis on scientifically based training since it was attached to a teaching hospital. The history of American medical education holds that Flexner report was crucial as it had significant contributions towards the change and reforms. His report gave insights on the downfalls and unfavorable conditions that were inherent in the medical education. Through this, America established a new system of modern medical education. Despite all these contributions, Flexner was just a secondary school teacher in Louisville. Flexner wrote the report while undertaking graduate work at the university of Berlin and Harvard. Although he wasn’t a doctor, Flexner joined “The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching” where

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