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Wrist Name Institution Wrist The wrist and hand are fundamentally occupied on a daily basis conducting a range of activities. The general wrist range of motion revolves around the radiocarpal and midcarpal joint, whereby a combined motion of the respective joints conducts wrist flexion, extension, ulnar and radial deflation (Clarkson, 2000). These activities act as a guide in understanding an injury better (extent of the injury, its effects, etc.) and the specific tasks to be issued to a patient, such as weight-bearing, and deliver a certain and well-articulated report of the respective injury. For example, the observation of thenar eminence in the performance of proximal reflexes by the patient helps in understanding the extent of injury resulting to the performance of repetitive tasks. The respective arches (proximal and distal transverse arches, and longitudinal arch) of the hand are responsible for the flexion and extension of the palm. As a therapist, one should observe how a patient responds to various tasks that involve handling of objects, with the respective observations helping to provide an articulate exercise schedule for the patient. A patient’s performance during this observation will determine the recovery period, recommended exercises and the frequency of performing exercises with regular assessments till full and active range of motion is guaranteed. When meeting a patient, a handshake would be a simple way of determining the condition of the wrist. The maximal wrist extension and flexion active range of motion (AROM), inclusive of the carpometacarpal joints responsible for vital hand functioning (i.e., flattening and guttering of the

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