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Proper Hand Washing Author Institute Affiliation Proper Hand Washing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is equipment used to protect against health hazards and other injuries that come with the various activities one undertakes in their place of work, at home or any other place. They are aimed at preventing the spread of illnesses or injuring anyone in the first place. Such equipment is easy to identify as they include items a such as eye protectors, e.g., spectacles or shields, respiratory protection, e.g., cartridge, foot protectors; boots, head protectors; helmets, fall arrestors and skin protectors, e.g., long sleeve shirts among others. Usually, an employer has the responsibility of protecting their employees and other visitors although they could have their PPE as well. In a bid to lower transmission of illnesses, hand washing comes in handy. Good hand washing entails, wetting your hands, then applying soap, preferably liquid soap which you will not have to put back hence leaving germs behind. Then take about twenty minutes lathering your hands, washing the front and back of the hands, in between fingers, under the nails, for those with long nails, or even use a small soft brush to scrub off the dirt if they are so dirty. Once you are contented that you have washed every bit of your hands, then rinse the hands, in running water until all the soapiness is gone, then wipe your hands with a disposable towel. Which you could also use to open the door to the bathroom before disposing it and also preventing contaminating your now clean hands. (Hand Washing CDC Video,2014) For children, it’s always necessary that they are supervised by an adult while cleaning

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