World Wars

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Part 1 1. Through Introduction of the central governing system, this involved equalization of all classes. A national army was created from the disbanded armies of the different domains. Money becomes preferred currency to pay tax other than the rice used previous. 2. In the 1840s ‘Manifest destiny,’ was coined by John O’Sullivan. It wasn’t based on any principles rather than it talked about the Americans having the divine power to spread their way of living, civilization, and their new found system of governance (democracy). 3. With the colonization of African countries, there came the loss of power for the locals to control their country destiny, foreign religion was forced to them, and local resources were exploited for the mother nation other than the native country. These triggered the independence movement. 4. Apartheid was a racial policy in South Africa that was institutionalized in the whole country. It was based on rules and regulations that aimed to separate Africans from whites. 5. The allies won the war against the Germany side, due to the strategic Americans bombings, technological support, and trucks, combined American and Britain Air Force support which was second to none. 6. The Israel/Palestine conflict has brought about an increase in unemployment ratio, loss of lives in large scale and this has been amplified by Muslim countries backing the Palestine and America backing the Zionist which has done little to resolve the problem 7. It was a result of fear among the USSR that America might attack them, while the USA too developed fear against communist attack. The USSR desire to spread communism and dislike of capitalism also fueled the cold

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