World War I or World War II

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date World War I The World War I (WWI) has been called many names, including the “The War to End All Wars,” “First World War,” “Great War” among others. This war went global, and it involved many countries throughout the world. It started in 1914 and ended in 1918 and took place in different locations including Europe, Pacific, Middle East, the shores of Baltic Sea, Atlantic, North Sea, Africa and the Mediterranean. Over 120 million soldiers were involved in the war (Aksakal 34). About 16 million people including civilians lost their lives in the war. Reportedly, the war was triggered by many factors including protection of economic status, ethnic differences among the Balkans, Franco-Prussian War, Military leaders among others. Since the Ottoman Empire played a crucial role in the war, this paper seeks to focus on the participation of this empire. The Ottoman Empire was one of the key powers of the WWI. The empire included itself in the war by surprise. It conducted an unexpected attack to Russia which was another central power of the war. This triggered the war as a new force was now participating (Lohr 153). The empire attacked Russia from the Black Sea coast in October 1914. On the other hand, Russia stated a serious retaliation to the Ottoman Empire to teach it a lesson. The retaliation of Russia to the Ottoman Empire was aided by nations such as Britain, Eastern Europe, and France. It happened in November of the same year. The empire had engaged in some pacts with some central powers. This meant serious wars since other nations came to help it (Sanborn 297). With the support of a secret

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