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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date World’s Religion Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have been amongst some broad area of interest among many individuals in the current era. They have inhibited a variety of teachings that are reflections to current phenomena. They differ in their way of teaching and origins that acts as a background of their development in their current status thus this paper answers some arguments related to Christianity. Part one The fact that Jesus was a Jewish antecedent is essential to understand while studying Christianity. He abode within Jewish of whom he taught in accordance with their doctrines which initiated their understanding and confirmed their ideas to that of Jesus. Therefore, it is agreeable that Christ transformed Jews to believe in his teaching (Patterson 1). This is evident in Acts chapter 11 where Peter demonstrates an act of kindness even to gentiles who reiterated Christ’s traits. Judaism belief entails a pomp Christ that will relieve them from bondage contrary to Christ who had no endeavors in conquering political power from Romans by then. Therefore, Judaism still waits for their messiah while Christians are assured that their Christ had already come. Part two Islamic builds on as well as differs from Christianity and Judaism. The former incorporated both the religious perspective and political outlook. This is unlike Christianity that doesn’t believe in political dominion and Judaism that is confirmed to believe that they are to conquer and rule the entire world. However, the former differs in many aspects such as origins of the name, founder, and nature of God. In terms of the origin of

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