Workplace Romance and Why It Isn’t a Bad Thing

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Name Institution Course Date: Workplace Romance and Why It Isn't a Bad Thing Today, many individuals spend the largest segment of their time at the office or work. This causes the temptation of establishing close bonds and relationship within the office boundaries. Even though office romance has been condemned as an unethical work practice, there are still some merits experienced from such relationship (Bock, 1). Furthermore, the office people are the same individuals who see each other daily and spend the bulk period of their time together. Not forgetting, the people who work in a similar firm have common issues that affect their day operations (Bock, 1). Additionally, the idea of spending much time with a person ensures that you learn to understand him or her intimately at day-to-day status. For instance, you can comprehend their personality, intelligence, ethic standpoint and this can influence the establishment of chemistry that will lead to a strong relationship (Bock, 1). Office romance ensures that the involved parties understand the pressure each one of them has experienced at work. Therefore, relationships of this nature ensure that someone acknowledges the pressure and the demand experienced at work. This can assist in solving availability or time problems, and that always impact any relationship progress (Bock, 1). It reassures the involved parties that they are attracted to someone who knows that stressful part of their life. Consequently, office romance influence safety since the person you are dating is not a stranger, unlike people you may meet at the bar, clubs or on online who may turn out to be a creep (Hume, 156). Once an office

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