Working With Families Revised

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Working With Families: The Case Study of the Cooper Family Name Institution Date Working With Families: The Case of the Cooper Family Susan The problem that Susan is going through is the fact that she earns four times more than her husband and is a perfectionist. She worked quite hard to be where she is right now; therefore she should be able to enjoy her success. However, her marriage is suffering because of the long hours she put in her job. In the current world, it is not a big deal if a wife earns more than her husband, but most men insist on getting stuck in the tradition of being the breadwinners. If roles were reversed then Matthew would expect his wife to understand him working long hours and not spending time at home. Susan works more hours and therefore is not at home most of the time. In the beginning, it may not have been a problem that she earned more, but now it has affected her husband who is confused about his role in the marriage. Furthermore, Savannah is also affected by the issues with her parents and this has led her to stray from her school work. Another problem that Susan experiences is the fact that she is a perfectionist and therefore has the urge to have everything going right in her life. This has proven to be a problem since she has no control over the issues in her marriage or with her children. Being a perfectionist, Susan has high and demanding expectations of herself as well as others, therefore when things do not go her way she feels like a failure. From her family's perspective, Susan leaves them feeling frustrated. Her husband, Matthew is significantly affected by his position in the family since as a perfectionist; his wife

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