Working in Health Care

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Working in Health Care Name: Institution: Working in Health Care The world’s population is aging fast considering the decreasing fertility rates as well as the continued surge in longevity. It is evident that most countries particularly the developed ones are preparing themselves for the statistic that their fastest developing demographic is that of the elderly. Therefore, the number of home visit programs for the aging individuals have increased globally, so is the growth in the number of the aging population. This trend has prompted the healthcare sector to focus its attention on sick older individuals that are living in the society. Notably, ethics is considered a fundamental component in public health nursing. Therefore, it is of great value for the nurses to incorporate ethics as well as morality into their practice, thus the need to acknowledge fundamental civil rights that include equality as well as nondiscrimination. The most common ethical issues related to nursing include possible injustice, self-neglect, the self-worth of the clients as well as the challenges involved in ethical decision making. According to Enes and de Vries (2004), there are main ethical themes that that emerge while dealing with the older adults. The most common theme is the quality of death where the nurses may encounter difficulties in the determining the suitability of life-prolonging measures. These measures may include resuscitation as well as artificial feeding and establishing when to stop treatment. Additionally, the professional needs are also contended as ethical issues; caregivers sometimes may feel depressed when they are unable to offer their aging patients decisive

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