Working Conditions

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In Bangladesh, the amount of remunerations that employees received as a compensation for their service in garment factories highly differed according to personal skills of the employee. It’s worth noting that the amount of remuneration received by Bangladesh employees was much better than their fellow British counterparts. It is clear that during the 19th centuries, most of the employees in the Bangladesh sectors were children of barely 10 to 11 years. Though they could prefer to be in school, the economic conditions of their supports could not sustain their schooling (Appelbaum pg. 417). However, due to the international pressure, the Bangladesh sectors have abolished the involvement of child labor in factories. It’s worth noting that workers in Bangladeshi and British are mostly beaten up and sucked if they actively get involved in trade unions. This makes it hard for them to control the existing struggles. Though both the equipment and work are common both in the past and in the recent period, the gap between the amount of remuneration and pay might scarcely be broader. It is clear that most of the women garment employees in Dhaka are physically mistreated through physical abuse, long working hours and also the factory fires have exterminated the lives of more than 400 workers in the past years. In the same way, 141 girls and men were burned to death by the fire tragedy that occurred during their service in the triangle waist corporation. On the other hand, women in the Islam garment plants were treated like machines packed together in a single room. On the same note, many of General Slocum victims were women working in the same common room like machines. It is

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