Women’s Pay Gap

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Women's Pay Gap “The gender wage gap refers to the differences in wages between the two genders: men and women at the workplace” (Farrell 16). It is a common indicator of gender economic equality, and it occurs to some degree in all the countries in the world. A recent HN Human Rights report brought to the attention of the country the continuing inequalities between the two genders, which include a top level of the pay gap and the unequal impact on low income earning women, the obvious minority women, and women from indigenous communities. Typically, the wage gap is measured when annual earnings by the two genders are compared for engineers employed either on the full time or part time basis (Fortin and Thomas 7). The study and analysis of the gender wage gap are certainly important. The lower earning power by women implies that there is a high danger of them sliding into poverty, especially when they have children, or have become widowed or divorced in their marriages. Moreover, they lose the ability to save for the retirement and can really be poor in their older years. It might also imply the high likelihood of a woman to stay in unhealthy relationships, regardless of the dangers. Engineering as a profession provides tremendous future job opportunities, which include good earnings and even travel opportunities (Card, Ana and Patrick 3). Despite these factors, in the past years, there have been consistent shortages of demand shortages of engineers. In engineering fields, the majority of graduates are men, and women constitute a small percentage of engineers’ graduates with a degree in

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