Women’s and gender studies

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The ethnic representation of masculinity portrayed by Obama and his successful bid for the United States presidency served a great deal to foster a sense of inclusivity particularly regarding the minority groups residing within the United States. This study contends that Obama's national security talk depends on, and is arranged by, the rationale of American masculinity, and all the more particularly by the types of presidential masculinity that are in line with the national security thinking in our political culture. Specifically, this paper looks into the role that Barack Obama's masculinity in dealing with such issues, coupled with his background played an important role towards the success of his eight-year political career. Many researchers have accentuated the law-based and dialogic character of President Barack Obama's talk, particularly as opposed to that of his fundamental adversaries in the presidential battle. While this portrayal has justification in a few territories, Obama's talk is neither dialogic nor democratizing when he talks about national security. As was predicted by many researchers, Hussein Obama’s nomination as the Democratic Party’s presidential flag bearer fuelled the party’s success as it was hinged on fulfilling a view shared by many (Cohen 17). This view is a narrative intended to satisfy what history specialists may depict as the relentless requirement by the American body diplomat for the solaces of Nation. In the first place, I take a study of Obama's discourse in acknowledgment of his second and final Democratic Nomination. This speech is critical because it uncovers an

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